Innovative since 1947.

1937: Svenska Aeroplan AB (Saab) founded to build military aircraft. Ten years later, the company presented the "Original Saab" – the Saab 92 - the result of the collective efforts of 16 aeroengineers under the leadership of Gunnar Ljungström.

Sixten Sason was responsible for the pioneering design. He later became Chief Designer at Saab, responsible for the shape of several other classic Saab models, such as the Saab 95 and 99. Inspiration from aircraft design was clear to see. The aerodynamic design gave an air resistance coefficient as low as 0.31 – a respectable figure even today. Since then, one classic model after the other left the factory at Trollhättan – the Saab Turbo that brought turbo technology to the family car, the Saab 9000 that demonstrated its performance in the Talladega Challenge 1986, the Saab 900 Cab, driven by Jerry Seinfeld in his TV series, the Saab 9-5 Biopower that once again demonstrated the company's innovative and responsible ambitions, and of course, the last serial-produced and design pioneer, the Saab 9-5.


Orio takes the Saab spirit onwards.

Behind the Saab Original brand is Orio AB - the former Saab Automobile Parts, with roots going back into the Saab history for over 70 years. Our long history with Saab has given us unique experience and technical expertise. We are a modern, global spare parts and logistics company, that markets, sells and distributes Saab Original parts in over 60 countries all over the world.

Our head office is in Nyköping. This is where our high capacity, flexible logistics and distribution centre is based. We distribute goods corresponding to 50 articulated trucks from here every single day. Trollhättan is home to our commercial office, handling sales, marketing, engineering and support functions. With well-developed and customised computer systems and processes, plus excellent customer and supplier relationships, we are geared for the future, ready to develop and expand our business.

Historical milestones.

1963 Diagonal braking system
1972 Side impact protection with protective bars in the doors
1976 Saab Turbo  
1982 Asbestos-free brakes
1996 Saab Active Head Restraint (SAHR) to protect against whiplash
2000 Saab Variable Compression
2002 ReAxs A new back axle for safer cornering