Performance: A Shared Passion

Swiss-based Hirsch Performance is the sole official partner for Saab Automobile upgrades worldwide. They work exclusively with us, and have done so since 1967.


Hirsch develop a full range of Saab-approved, high-performance parts and sporting accessories, from engine performance upgrades, interiors and aerodynamic products to fully customised Saab models - all of which promise to add a unique driver and ownership experience to your Saab.


Beginning with a Saab model or product, Hirsch find ways to enhance your driving experience, through a design philosophy best described as 'controlled evolution' - that is, one of sharpening and refining every aspect of performance. Everything they develop is designed with integrity and purpose, in order to enhance some aspect of performance.


Helped by an ongoing dialogue with the worldwide Saab community, Hirsch remain true to Saab every step of the way. The company prides itself on its extreme attention to detail and on an unrelenting commitment to the tradition of Swiss quality and the Saab philosophy - which is why we´re happy to ensure your factory warranty and servicing schedule remain intact.


Hirsch Performance products are sold and installed only at Official Service Center. Contact your local Official Service Center or visit to find out more.